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  • christmas debtAvoid a Christmas debt hangover
    The average Aussie credit card debt after Christmas is $1,666 with a whopping 82% of people taking up to 6 months to pay it off and 18% taking even longer! If you are stressing […]
  • Bought a home mortgage freeWe bought a family home – mortgage free!
    You may have noticed I have not been posting much lately.  As I mentioned in my last quarterly update we recently sold our home in Sydney. Since that time that place has settled, […]
  • Net Worth Update September 2017Quarterly Net Worth Update – September 2017
    Welcome to my third quarterly update which details my net worth and cash flow as at the end of September 2017 as well as the goals I have set for myself for the next quarter. If […]
  • Are women or men better with moneyAre men or women better with money?
    I know broad statements about gender are risky. As the way someone approaches their finances is an individual as can be. But there is no denying that there are some trends and […]
  • seven different ways to manage your budget7 different ways to manage your budget
    When it comes to managing your income and outgoing expenses, without a budget you can quickly lose track of where your money is being spent. No-one enjoys living from one payday […]