How Kylie makes over $10,000 a month reselling stuff

When I first decided to start my blog and was going through the process to select a name for my blog, a fellow finance How kylie makes over 10000 a month selling stuffblogger by the name of Kylie Travers was the very first person who opened me up to the wonderful community. 

She was the first to put up her hand and welcome me into the wonderful world of personal finance bloggers.

When I looked into her background a bit more I realised what an amazing women she is. So I could not be happier when Kylie agreed for me to interview her about how she makes over $10,000 a month just by selling stuff online!

Can you let us know a little bit about yourself? Your story is an inspiring which I am sure readers would love to hear a bit about.

I’ve gone from being a homeless single mother because of domestic violence to multiple international award winning CEO, speaker, author, charity and brand ambassador, as well as creating a lifestyle for my daughters and I that we love.

In 2012, I left an abusive marriage. Within a week of moving to our own home (my daughters and I), I was robbed of everything including my underwear. A few weeks later I was raped in that home by someone I trusted then we ended up homeless. My daughters were also diagnosed with severe learning disorders in 2012 requiring extensive speech and other therapies.

In 2013, I was homeless for a while, then moved to Canberra from Sydney where we were living, to be close to my family. I started volunteering and continued growing my blog. In 2014 I bought more sites, founded my company and life appeared to be rapidly improving.

In 2015 I ended up paralysed for most of the year, had multiple surgeries and a cancer scare (they thought I had the cancer my mother died from). Yet, I was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year, won my third international award and was a runner up for other awards. I became a charity ambassador and from the outside looking in, I was quite successful.

Now, I live in Melbourne with my two daughters. I work school hours, mainly writing, speaking and marketing. We get to travel, spend quality time together as a family and I am in a position to live the life I always wanted.

Given your background, did you start buying and selling items out of necessity?

I did start years ago buying things to resell because my now ex husband and I spent more than we made, I wasn’t allowed to work outside the home for much of the marriage, so this was a way for me to make money on the side.

When I left him, there were many weeks where the money from buying things to resell is what paid for my daughters speech therapy and other needs for us.

You inspired me to list some items just hanging around the house this past month, and I managed to make around $1200 on eBay. Do you find eBay still a good place to sell your items?

$1,200 is brilliant! I find I sell the most on Facebook, followed by Gumtree then eBay. It depends on the item though. I typically list on Facebook in groups, the marketplace and I create an album on my own personal profile.

A few days later I list anything that hasn’t sold on Gumtree then eBay is last. Facebook and Gumtree are free, eBay charges fees plus there are PayPal fees. If listing on eBay, make sure you factor in the fees. Out of the $10,000 last month, $300 was done on eBay.

What’s the best product you have sold?

Currently, I have sold a bunch of photography gear for a friend and it has been the most fun. Everyone who has purchased the items has such a fascinating background, many were stay at home dads which was really cool. Plus, I got to learn a bunch about photography at the same time.Resell and profit from your unwanted items

Two other items people find really interesting are how I flip websites for usually 10 times the price I buy them for or the 2 times I have sold cars for a profit (as in, bought them to resell).

It was hard to narrow it to one!

How many hours a week would you spend on reselling stuff?

One to three, I don’t like to spend a lot of time doing it. I take less than 3 minutes to list something and tend not to list items unless they are worth $50 or more. I often list while cooking dinner or waiting for something else instead of specifically lining up time to do it.

How much can you expect to make from reselling items?

It has been extremely rare for me to make less than $2,000 with virtually no effort and now when I do it consistently it is over $10,000. It comes down to what you sell, the value of the items you select, how you photography and list them, plus the demand for the items.

When people start they usually start with items them own already or they take $50 to an op shop, which means to start with you are more limited. As you do it more, your budget and stock grow, allowing more opportunities to purchase higher items with a higher resale value.

What would be your tip number one tip for a beginner just starting out?

Buy my book, How to make over $10,000 buying reselling stuff, it covers everything.

Aside from that, know what you are selling, if it sells and its value! I stick to Rockabilly clothing and specific books generally as I know their value and can spot these items from a mile away. It saves time and money knowing a niche to sell in.

If I am selling something outside my niches it is usually for someone else and they provide all the information for me (such as the recent photography gear) or I look up the items in sold listing on eBay to see if they are selling and for how much to determine if it is worth it for me.

Do you earn money be reselling items? Have you had any success selling items lately?

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    1. Thanks Brad. It’s amazing what some people can endure and come out stronger on the other side.

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