Work With Me

Get MoneyWise is all about growing a community of likeminded individuals who are seeking a path to financial freedom that means they can live life on their terms and retire early. As a mum I am also passionate about encouraging conversations with our kids around money and entrepreneurship.

Below are a list of opportunities for us to work together.


Do you have an app, product or service that is suited to people looking to gain financial freedom or for someone looking to teach their kids about money? If so, contact us on the form to the right and let us know why you think we would make a great fit and we will provide info on the customisable advertising opportunities available. Please note we don’t accept every opportunity that comes our way, your offering needs to have a close alignment with products we know our readers will love.


A blog is a must have in just about all businesses this day in age. If you have a website you should have a blog. But often it can be difficult to maintain consist posts when there are so many other things commanding attention in your small business. That is where I come in, if you need to outsource your copywriting for blogs, e-books or website landing pages I can help.

Content curation on the other hand is all about finding the most relevant and timely content in your business niche and rather than create new content, curation involves discovering, compiling and sharing existing content with your audience. This is a cost effective way for businesses to have a strong online presence with their followers but not have to pay a higher premium for completely brand new content.

I have over 15 years experience in sales and marketing plus have additional qualifications in digital direct marketing and copywriting. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.