How to spend money to make you happier

spend money to make you happierThis might seem like a bit of a strange topic given we are looking to retire early and a major part of that involves saving money not spending it. But hear me out.

Spending money on “stuff” in general usually just adds a lot of clutter to our lives. But there is one circumstance where spending a little more money can pay off and make you happier? Have you guessed it yet?

It’s time. Spending money to save time pays off.

There was a study where people were given $40 to spend either on stuff or on a service that helped them to save time. The findings were that there were more feelings of satisfaction after the time-saving purchase than when they bought new stuff.

You might think that hiring a cleaner or paying someone to mow your loans is a bit lazy. But what if I told you it was actually one of the most productive things you could do?  It allows you to free up your time and energy to devote to your most important goals.

And that’s the clincher right there. If you free up your time by outsourcing a service then you want to make sure the reason you have done it does, in fact, increase your happiness or free up your time for more profitable endeavours.

So why do so many people still not do it?

Of the survey respondents, only 50% actually choose to spend money to buy time and only 28% spend it outsourcing tasks that they do not like.

The main barrier to buying time is that people often feel guilty about paying someone else to complete a task that they could do themselves if they had the inclination.

The online world has made it easy for us to book our own travel,  have our banking at our fingertips so taking this away and allowing someone else to help is becoming less familiar to us.

But as the saying goes you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

So outsourcing particular tasks can really pay off.

Ways I have spent money to save time

Help with saving on bills

Every year when the bills roll in I tell myself I will shop around and find the best deal. I am pretty good at calling up my bank and getting a better interest rate. And here in NSW, I will always get the best deal on my green slip as there is a handy calculator to get the best deal. But things like comprehensive car insurance, energy bills, mobile and internet plans and health insurance I am far more likely to let them roll over.

I know from experience working in partnership marketing that those comparison sites you see advertised time and again are not always going to show the best offers as they only feature companies that pay them for the privilege of advertising on the site.

But I am pleased to say I have found a great solution to help me get all this sorted. The Spending Hacker Concierge personally helped me find the best deals for my individual circumstance.

Yes it cost me a little bit for them to find the best deal for me. But I know with the number of hours I have in the day if I didn’t go down this path I would have just ended up checking about three different options and going with the best of those.

I’ve already managed to save loads on all my contracts this year. So if you are time-poor give The Spending Hacker Concierge a go.

Using a buyers agent

When we purchased one of our investment properties it was over an hour away from where we lived. We did not fancy spending the next however many months going to open houses and having no weekends to ourselves.spending money to save time makes you happier

We also did not know the area that well. So investing in a buyers agent to help find us a property meant we only needed to head out one day to look at places. Plus they were able to negotiate a much better sale price than what we thought we could of, so the fee basically paid for itself from the start.

Getting groceries home-delivered

Taking two kids to the supermarket and doing a grocery shop can be an absolute headache. While most of the time I will try and head to Aldi and then duck into Coles for some extras without the kids when work is really busy home-delivery of groceries helps a lot.

Not only does it mean I have everything conveniently delivered to me. It stops the incidental purchases and the nag of the kids wanting to get more food.

Hired a cleaner

When you were selling our house in Sydney keeping it tidy with two kids under four for the open houses was a challenge in itself.

So spending $40 a week to get everything looking spic and span before an open house was the best investment we could have made.

This is not to say spending money frivolously on convenience foods and the like is a way to make you happy or reach your financial goals. But it is important to consider the times when outsourcing really is the best option for you based on knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

What have you spent money on to have more time? Did it make your life easier and you felt happier?

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  1. Groceries – yes! This has been massive, and a huge mental load off.

    I once bought a daily deal for a house clean and wow, it was amazing to come home to a sparkling bathroom. That was over a year ago.

  2. I love this, sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best overall. It is especially important to consider what else you could do with your valuable time; spend it with the kids in a more fun way then grocery shopping – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it too.
    P.s how did you get a cleaner so cheap in Sydney?

    1. Not really sure the real estate suggested them. I think they were a new business trying to get established. That was $40 for an hour. The first clean we got them in for 2 hours to do all the windows etc. It was amazing.

      1. Sounds great. I feel like I can’t justify a regular clean at the moment but you can bet your bottom dollar when I leave the apartment I’ll be looking at a thorough end of lease clean. Deep cleaning isn’t somehting I enjoy at all and with all the moving and packing it it just one less thing I have to deal with . Definitely worth it in my opinion.

  3. This post poses some interesting questions about how we spend our money. I am always amazed, for instance, that many new families will spend a fortune on a large pram and fancy nursery yet will not pay for a cleaner to help out a new mother. As a single mother of two young kids juggling writing and working full time, I decided around 18 months ago to invest in a cleaner once a fortnight. She is brilliant, and because she is new to the workforce, she is actually really happy to have the opportunity. Money well spent, happiness achieved.

  4. It’s all about time management for me. You’re right about hiring someone to cut or mow a lawn. I hired a guy five years ago to do this for me and it was one of the better decisions I’ve made. He can cut my grass and all the other stuffs that comes with it for one hour. A task that will probably take me 4 hours to do and not even as good as how he does it.

  5. I used to love my cleaner…
    Those were the days when I could claim her as a tax deduction. I don’t miss the side hustle, but I do miss the cleaner!

  6. Bit late seeing this article, better late than never. It’s an interesting topic with a real diversity of opinions on it.

    We actually just started getting home delivered groceries the last month or so and we love it!! Seriously, it’s only $4 and it saves us a good 1.5 hours, not to mention vehicle costs. The prices are identical for almost everything we buy so it’s really a no brainer 🙂

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