On this page you will find a handy collection of tools and resources that are focusing on saving money, making money and getting you on the fast track to financial freedom.

Tracking Your Money

The most important starting point is to know exactly what your current position is and to have a clear picture on where you want to be.

Teaching Your Kids About Money

As a mum, I believe it is important to teach the younger generation about money management and entrepreneurship. School banking with a mascot named “cred” just isn’t cutting it in our schools and you can see here that 12 schools or less (not a typo!) have signed up to be a MoneySmart Schools, so it is more important than ever that as parents we set our kids up for success.

Kids Activity Booklet (age 3 - 6 years)  

Kids Activity Booklet (age 7 - 8 years)  

Kids Activity Booklet (age 9 - 12 years)

Children’s Picture Book


    First Job Checklist   

Fast Track to Financial Freedom

Once you have mastered the basics of money management to go to the next level and really get on the fast track to early retirement you need to 

Property Investing eBook

Maximise your small business profit through minimal marketing

Share Trading

More terrific resources are in development