How to save on your electricity bill

how to save money on electricity billThis post is a collaboration between Get Money Wise and Electricity Monster

According to data from Carbon + Energy Markets MarkIntell, us Aussies pay the highest electricity prices in the world. Crazy right?!

If you are like me it is one of the larger bills you receive each quarter. So I thought I’d take up the challenge to see how I could save on my electricity bill over the next quarter.

What sparked the change

As most readers will know, we moved out of Sydney last year to purchase our family home mortgage free. While I love the space that our new 4 bedroom home gives us, I have noticed a big difference in being able to heat and cool the place. Especially when compared to our 2 bedder in Sydney.

So when the winter electricity bill arrived in the mail it was a bit of a shock to see the dollar figure. I work from home now so it was natural to expect a little increase in our bill, as I was using my laptop and sometimes a heater and light throughout the day. Obviously not needed when I was trotting off to my corporate job back in the city.

With the move to self-employment and with a fluctuating income, I’ve needed to ensure we have a tighter rein on our expenses. So I’ve gone back to basics and rediscovered the how to save on our electricity bill. I thought some of my readers would be interested in what I’ve done to get our costs under control.

Top tips for how to save on your electricity bill

Switch off the lights

Coming into spring and with daylight savings about to start here in New South Wales, we have the chance to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. When we do need to use the lights I’ve become much more conscious of turning them off when we leave the room.

Compare your electricity options

I’ve always researched each year the best deal on my insurances but never really made the time to think about whether I could get a better deal on my electricity bill.

I went searching for a site that could help find me a better deal and find a way to help me in comparing electricity options. On my search, I discovered Electricity Monster.

I didn’t want to have to spend hours on end researching each individual energy provider so I was pleased to find an easy to use website that made the process really simple for me.

It’s not like we are comparing cooking chocolate to Lindt Belgian chocolate. Electricity is electricity, so I want the best deal I can get.

The way Electricity Monster works is you will be matched up with one of their brokers who gets to the bottom of what your current electricity tariff is. They then match you up with the best rate and take care of the changeover for you.

Could not have been easier to do and the service is 100% free.

Unplug unused appliances

I’ve always been pretty lazy and never bother with this in the past but I’ve started turning off appliances when they aren’t being used. It was actually pretty shocking how many things I had plugged in and had power going to them but I hadn’t touched them in months. While it’s only a little thing over time it all adds up.

Hang out the washing

Popping the kids’ clothes in the dryer is an easy habit to get into. Particularly during the colder winter months. But I’ve made an effort to hang out clothes now to dry naturally. I read it saves about a dollar each time by not using the dryer so again it all adds up to more money staying in my pocket.

Consider going solar

Producing your own energy from the sun by installing solar panels can still be a worthwhile investment. Despite the drop in the rebate from the Government, it’s worth doing the math to see if it’s worth it for you in the long run.

Trap the heat in

With our large house, during winter it was freezing a lot of the time. So I went old school like my parents used to and go those door snakes for the doors to try and keep the heat inside.

Closing the curtains also seems to help keep the heat in after we turned the heater on just to warm the space.

Opt for energy smart new appliances

When purchasing a new appliance such as a fridge,  air conditioner, washing machine or dishwasher, check the energy star rating. You’ll save money, in the long run, choosing an appliance with a higher star rating.

Ensure your home is well-insulated

A well-insulated home helps to keep warm air in during winter and keeps cool air in the house during summer. Helping to reduce your dependence on the need for air conditioning and heating.

Be mindful of air conditioning use

With summer coming up we have a few pedestal fans we can use before using the air conditioner. The average fan costs less than 1 cent per hour to run. Whereas the smallest air conditioner will cost about 12 cents per hour so it makes a big difference.

Make smart choices with lighting

We replaced standard incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones. They offer the same amount of light, but just use less energy so it’s a no-brainer really.

Can you add anything to the list? How do you save on your electricity bills?

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