This page was created to provide a central hub for where you will find the products, services and companies that I know, love and use or have used. Some, not all, of the links are affiliate partnerships, however I would not put something on here that I don’t 100% believe in, and you never pay more for the product or service because you utilise my link.


Making More Money

Work From Home

If you do a Google search for ‘“work from home” you are more than likely to be faced with a bunch of scammy websites or the option to join a multi-level marketing company (which they aren’t so bad they are just not for everybody). There are legitimate ways to make money online and I have detailed below the options I prefer.

Want to make up to $10,000 extra per month by reselling stuff?
Kylie Travers has put together a guide which includes all her tips and tricks on how she makes more than $10,000 a month reselling items.

If writing's not your thing but you are a whiz at all things admin or social media and you enjoy working on a variety of tasks than becoming a Virtual Assistant might be the side hustle for you. grab your free copy of 150+ Virtual Assistant Services you can offer today.

After only 6 months of freelancing Gina was able to build up to an income of over $4000 a month which allowed her to quit her day job.

Driving for Uber is a great side gig as you can work it around what hours suit you. There are a few conditions you need to meet though so make sure you check that out first. To become a driver you can join here.

We really are blessed to be living in a time where simply having access to the internet and a computer means we are able to make an income from home.  My How to Start a Blog tutorial and 25 Online Business Ideas are a good starting point for you to have a think about the type of website that would work for you.

Are you paying too much on your bills, shopping, or other everyday living expenses?
Sometimes it can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming to make sure you have found the best price in the market. The Spending Hacker Concierge is a personalised service that ensure you will never miss the best deal.

If you have a knack with writing than become a freelance writer can be a great side hustle that over time as your reputation builds can turn into a full time job. A great starting point to decide if becoming a freelance writer is right for you is to grab your free copy of 200+ freelance writing niches to help you hone in on your niche.

Match My Home is a free service, which helps you take control of the buying and selling process. Make an informed decision, without feeling pressured and potentially saving you thousands.

For my website I use the following services and I highly recommend them.

This is who I use to host my website.The price of the hosting is quite competitive and what I love about them is the 24/7 support. With two young kids sometimes it is hard to get on the phone without chaos going on in the background,  so being able to utilise the online live chat is a god send. The other great thing about SiteGround is they have a one-click WordPress install so even a novice user can build a website. Plus you get a .com domain name as part of the package.

Because the .com domain name I wanted was not available (and I am too stubborn to pay thousands to buy it off someone) I needed to register a secondary domain name ( Crazy Domains was a good choice for me as they make it super easy to point domains to my SiteGround hosting account. The price is very reasonable.

My theme for my website is Primrose and it was chosen because it is clean, modern and most importantly for me super easy to use. If you are creating your first website I think it is a great versatile choice. If this theme doesn’t float your boat, there is literally thousands of other templates available at Themeforest so you are bound to find one you love.

I am currently looking into having a go at creating another website (totally unrelated to personal finance) and I am really liking the look of the most popular Divi theme. Divi 3.0 looks insanely simple to use with the new visual builder. I shall update and let you know how I go with using it on the other website once live.

Since my background is in marketing being able to both segment my email list as well as automate some of the emails I send out was super important to me. So I chose ActiveCampaign as you can create a number of email funnels and can tag the emails you have into certain groups to only contact people with timely and relevant info. If your requirements are just for a simple mailing list MailChimp will do the job for free until you have 2000 subscribers but for me the better long term choice was Active Campaign so I’d rather start with that to save me the hassle of moving.

If you are after a really simple logo design or need help with admin tasks via a Virtual Assistant  or copywriting for your website this is a good cost effective option. It can be hit and miss though with the quality of work and can take some time to find someone that you really like. I always check to see the reviews and make sure they have a decent number of reviews under their belt before using them.

If you are a bit pickier about the logo or marketing materials you are looking for then I recommend 99 Designs. Whilst they are a bit more expensive you are guaranteed at least 30 designs to choose from. A number of designers will work on your collateral to give you choice before you narrow down on what you are after. They don’t just do logo designs either, you can check out their whole range of options in the categories section of their website.

When operating a blog or online business ensuring you have well edited high quality pictures is essential.  Not only for your website to look awesome but for when you share photos on social media you want them to stand out to attract attention. PicMonkey helps me with this as it is pretty simple to use and you don’t need a background in photo editing  to pick it up. There is a few version that includes ads, so I pay a few dollars a month for the ad free version.

I have used this to create social media posts as well as a few items in the Resources section of my website. It allows you to use free templates to make professional looking graphics. There are some features and images that you need to pay for but there is still a bunch you can do on the free version of Canva.

Whilst I consider myself a top notch speller and someone who because of a career in marketing proofreads things many times, when you are writing a lot of content on a regular basis it is easy to miss simple grammatical errors. This is where Grammarly comes in - it literally does all the proof reading work for you by fixing up grammar and adding punctuation. It will even suggest alternative words to replace existing ones. Best of all it is free!

If you have plans to monetise your blog then this course is essential. Michelle currently earns more than $100,000 a month from her blog! Whilst I myself have a background in partnership marketing, so a lot of the basics that are covered in the course were not new to me, the info she reveals about the strategy she implements to achieve her results is invaluable. The best part of the course is access to a private group which is full of like-minded bloggers who form a lovely community and keep you motivated to succeed. Whilst it is a little bit of an investment to do I personally believe you will make back the cost of the course easily enough with what she teaches you. You can sign up for the course here.

If you plan to use affiliate marketing to create an income for your website/blog then this is a must have plug in. It offers you the ability to create links with your domain name rather than having really long ugly looking affiliate links.

I am currently developing some digital products and have discovered that SendOwl is a great option to use as a platform to sell your products. What I really love about it is they make setting up an affiliate program so easy. 

When I was a university student and then when I started saving for our first home I did a lot surveys online in my spare time. These days it is easy enough to complete a survey on your phone when you have a spare 10 minutes or so, such as on the train. Whilst the money you earn is not going to make you rich anytime soon it is a nice little bonus and I tend to use the cash or gift cards around Christmas time. There are a bunch of scam survey websites out there, so below are the ones I have used and that seem to be

This is the new kid on the block when it comes to survey so when you do get surveys they are quite generous with their rewards. Whilst I wouldn’t say I get as many surveys as some others the cash out amount of $20 does come around relatively quick. Plus I like that they don’t focus on Points, the surveys you complete earn you cold hard cash. You can sign up here.

In my experience this one gives the most regular opportunities to earn “SwagBucks” which you can convert to cash or gift cards. Besides just surveys you can do things like search using their search bar, participate in polls, shop online via SwagBucks and play games. The other great thing about it is that you don’t need a large amount saved up to redeem your money. It is free to join, and you can sign up here.

You earn money by doing surveys. With this one it is important to fill out your full profile as it gives you the best chance of getting surveys targeted to you. Most surveys tend to pay between $3 and $10, but on rare occasions one might pay up to $25 (but this would normally take you an hour to complete and the longer ones are quite rare from my experience).


The main ways I earn cash here is clicking on emails. At the moment I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to completing surveys or signing up to their offers but this is a way to boost your income from this site.

There is never a shortage of surveys to complete with this site and I get several survey offers at least once a day, but it does take a decent amount of time to build up enough points to cash out.

This website is basically a no brainer to join. Once you sign up you can earn free cash back just for spending like you normally would online. All you need to do is click on a store that you want to buy something from. Sometimes you need to enter in a coupon code but the instructions are really easy to follow. They have so many stores here to choose from including Woolworths, Expedia, Bonds, David Jones, etc. You might be thinking how can this work? Why would they give me money back? In the case of Cash Rewards they earn a commission for referring you to the shop you bought from and they pass on some of this commission they earn through to you the customer. If you sign up through my link here  you will earn a $5 bonus to get you started.  

Money Related Apps & Games

I have been using this app to have a clear picture of where my money is going. I really like the graphs that make it super easy to see the splits. Plus it is great that it can give me a consolidated picture of my financial position, especially as I have accounts and loans with different financial institutions. I just use the free version at the moment and the only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t add in the value of my property assets so it shows me a tragic negative net worth figure everytime I log in. 

Whilst my husband has a little share portfolio going, shares have always been a little bit scary for me. So since Acorns has just launched in Australia I have taken the plunge and opened an account. It’s just dipping my toes in having a diversified portfolio and besides the roundups I also do a fortnightly recurring payment each pay day. You can learn more and sign up here.

The Australian Stock Exchange runs a sharemarket game a few times a year where you open a pretend virtual $50,000 stock portfolio and experience what it’s like to invest in the stock market. You will learn throughout reading my blog that the bulk of my wealth has been built on the back of property investing. I know though that the share market is something I should try and understand more about so I signed up for this game and have been learning as much as I can before I commit to putting any substantial amount of money into the real stock market.

Travel Deals 

Since I have worked in the travel industry, you will start to see a few blogs popping up about my ideas to save money on your next trip.

The reason I love this website is that they display over 1 million properties throughout the world so you are bound to find something that works for you. Free cancellation gives you peace of mind and in a lot of cases you get a best price guarantee so you know you are not paying more than you should.

This is an awesome way to live as a local and can be cost effective if you just need a room or as a way to save by renting out a place where you can utilise the kitchen and not have to eat out all the time.


Over the past couple of years Groupon has really tried hard to build up their Travel side of their business. If you are flexible with travel dates you can usually pick up some awesome deals especially on flight and accommodation packages. 


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We welcome inquiries from businesses with products which reflect the goals of Get Money Wise


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