The importance of being money wise

Get money wise, understanding finance is a vital life skillThis was not as he planned. Mounting debts, creditors, overdrawn fees, not knowing where the next rent payment would come from.

Nothing had prepared him for this. Getting Money Wise was definitely the key.

Financially Down and Out

This was my husband when we first met. He found himself financially down and out with no idea why it happened, let alone how to fix his finances.

Part of the reason for his financial struggles were that he worked in a job that was paid cash in hand.

So whilst his rent and other expenses came out of his bank account, more often than not the income he earned never actually made it into his bank account.

So besides not always having money in his account to cover rent, whenever a bill came in he would need to borrow money off someone else to pay it.

At the time he didn’t really know how to get out of the financial hole he was in. But the one thing he did have was determination to learn.

All he needed was for someone to break it down for him and make it easy for him to understand. He wasdetermined to clean up his money mess and with my gentle guidance he used all his energy to get back on his feet. Learning so many valuable lessons that he tells me he wish he had learnt earlier.

We made sure his pay each week went straight into his bank account and that he transferred a set amount to a bills account and savings account.

My husband has often said that it was actually quite simple to get his finances on track it just seemed overwhelming to begin with as he had no idea where to start.

Hence now my mission is to pass on these lessons and give you all the information you need to Get Money Wise. This is where it all began.

The struggle

Over time, we hear countless stories about the people who struggle to reach their money goals.

Some lose everything because they are not prepared for this result. They’re literally starting all over again.

It’s a feeling of loss and devastation and frustration that they just hadn’t anticipated. Having a plan in place could have helped minimise these hidden surprises.

Unfortunately, it’s not something people think about or talk about so it’s not something we plan for.

Now to Get Money Wise

At Get Money Wise we want to change all that. We believe knowledge is power.

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No matter what stage you’re at, we will help you access the tools to understand and manage your finances.

We will work together with you to give you a broader financial perspective and ultimately financial freedom.

A good place to start is to sign up for the 7 day Kick Start your Wealth email challenge. By the end of the seven days you will have set some financial goals, developed a budget and set a plan for your savings growth and debt reduction and have a prosperity mindset to help you get the financial edge you are looking for.

Looking back, it was seeing how my husband struggled to get a grasp on his finances and change his ways that led me to where I am today.

I see it a lot currently with Gen Y (which I do scrape into by a couple of years) who feel overwhelmed with the cost of buying a home and also the general cost of living here in Australia.

Seeing this is what drives me to pass on my knowledge to you and give you the tools to manage, prepare and plan your finances to support your ideal lifestyle and reach your goals. I have no doubt that if I was starting out again today I would still find myself along the path towards financial independence.

Get Money Wise offers a range of services to give you financial management skills that you can easily apply to your everyday life.

You will discover a smarter way to work with your money and it will change the way you look at your finances. With the right support and the right strategies in place, the sky is the limit.

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