Why I will never regret spending money on travel

As you read this blog post I am madly packing and double checking I have not forgotten anything. We are Why I will never regret spending money on travelheading off to Hawaii this weekend.

I am a little more anxious than normal as it is the first long haul flight where we are adding a one and three year old into the mix. So I am bound to forget to pack something important.

If you read my last net worth update you will also see that we are not doing so well in terms of cash flow, so a holiday right now is not exactly at the top of the list of things that we can afford.

Don’t get me wrong when booking the holiday I made sure I checked for the best deals.

I managed to get a great deal on the hotel during a Click Frenzy special with Groupon. Plus we got a good sale price on the airfare too.

But the spending money and cost of activities whilst we are away is potentially money we should be channeling to debt reduction.

Should you travel when you have debt?

This exact question was raised by Bobby over at Millennial Money Man a couple of months ago. It was interesting reading the comments and seeing people’s different views.Continue Reading →