Wisdom with money helped us buy our first home

Money Lessons we learnt while we saved for our first home.Since our very first date, my husband and I have always enjoyed going to the movies.

My husband in particular had always been a big movie buff and after we got together we found ourselves heading to the cinema at least once if not twice a week.

When you add in popcorn and drinks and potentially dinner out afterwards we were easily spending a couple of hundred dollars each week on entertainment. Our spending was getting out of control.

But the years 2007 and 2008 were to be different.

These years we had agreed, as a couple, to forgo the fancy dates and instead spend time together without the drain on our wallets.

You see, we were saving for our wedding, honeymoon and a house deposit. There was money wisdom to learn.

Wisdom gained

Now, don’t get me wrong, we really wanted to pay cash for our wedding and also have enough to buy a place of our own but two years of saving and missing out on all the fun stuff seemed like so long.

Especially when all our friends where going out a lot and buying the latest gadgets and new fashion trends.Continue Reading →

The importance of being money wise

Get money wise, understanding finance is a vital life skillThis was not as he planned. Mounting debts, creditors, overdrawn fees, not knowing where the next rent payment would come from.

Nothing had prepared him for this. Getting Money Wise was definitely the key.

Financially Down and Out

This was my husband when we first met. He found himself financially down and out with no idea why it happened, let alone how to fix his finances.

Part of the reason for his financial struggles were that he worked in a job that was paid cash in hand.

So whilst his rent and other expenses came out of his bank account, more often than not the income he earned never actually made it into his bank account.

So besides not always having money in his account to cover rent, whenever a bill came in he would need to borrow money off someone else to pay it.

At the time he didn’t really know how to get out of the financial hole he was in. But the one thing he did have was determination to learn.

All he needed was for someone to break it down for him and make it easy for him to understand. He wasContinue Reading →